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"Like There's No Tomorrow Tour 2018"

With "Like There's No Tomorrow" Irish singer and guitarist Eamonn McCormack (Dublin, 1962) recently released his third solo CD. It is his fifth if you count the two he made under the name of Samuel Eddy. As Samuel Eddy, he took a long time away from the music industry in 2002, from the damage caused by the efforts of touring and the many performances. But in 2008 he returned under his own name, which resulted in "Kindred Spirits" (2008) and "Heal My Faith" (2012).

With bassist Jonathan Noyce and drummer Darrin Mooney, McCormack, who sings and plays guitar, mandolin, harmonica and guitar synthesizer, forms a classic power trio. "Like There's No Tomorrow" is a double album with an electric and acoustic CD. There is a total of eighteen songs on both discs, of which three covers and four songs he wrote with Edwin Williamson. McCormack and his mates on this album show that they are able to create a great piece of blues-grafted rock. Blues rock, boogie, rock 'n roll, but also beautiful ballads, they have no problem with it. From the first disc, I especially mention "One Wish" written by Phil Lynott but never before released, as well as the beautiful ballads "Still Missing You" and "Running Back To You". That he is more than a writer of superficial lyrics is evident; just listen to "Writing On The Wall" about America and today’s financial world.


The atmosphere of the disc 2, the acoustic one, is clearly different. No more raw rock; the emphasis is placed on melody and harmony. This is immediately apparent with the first song "No Airs And Graces", a tribute to Eamon's idol Rory Gallagher. Beautiful are also "You Take My Blues Away", which he wrote for his daughter, the beautiful "The Guilt I Feel Inside", on which he is heard alone on guitar and harmonica, and the very own version of the Jimi Hendrix song "Angel".

Eamonn McCormack made a beautiful double album with "Like There's Tomorrow". As far as I'm concerned, it is one of the best I have heard in this genre this year.


Sa, 19.01.19 | Taufkirchen - Festsaal Waserschloss
Beginn: 20:00

Sa, 19.01.19 | Taufkirchen - Festsaal Waserschloss
Beginn: 20:00

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